Why Is My Wine Cooler Not Getting Cool?

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Having access to a chilled bottle of wine at any time is one of the major benefits of owning this appliance. Like any household electrical item, they can experience problems from time to time. Below are a few specifics to consider before calling a service technician.

Where is the wine cooler located?

You may feel you have found the perfect spot to place the wine cooler, but suddenly the performance has dropped. Location can everything to do with how well it cools. Placing it over a heating vent, near microwaves, stoves, and other heat-emitting appliances can counteract the cooling efficiency. Direct sunlight can also affect the cooling capabilities, even if it is for a brief period in the morning or evening.

Have you recently moved the wine cooler?

Many wine cooler owners panic for a little bit right after a move. They plug the wine cooler in at the new location and it fails to cool. If you allow the unit to set for a couple of hours it should be approaching the desired temperature. It takes a little while for the unit to cool once it has been unplugged and moved.

Is the door shutting firmly?

Try opening and shutting the door a few times. Is it shutting firmly, or are there any gaps. A failed seal can cause loss of cooling. You will need to have this replaced by a technician.

Are the vents covered?

A wine cooler needs a good amount of fresh air available to the vents. These are normally located in the back, or on the side. make sure there are a few inches of clearance to allow for free-flowing air to reach the internal workings. It will operate more efficiently and keep your wine cool.

Has it stopped running?

If you are positive that the wine cooler has stopped running you will need to call a technician. It could be an electrical problem. They will be able to diagnose the issue and offer a quick solution. Make sure that it is not a tripped breaker or faulty wall plug first.

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