We Could Have Stayed Much Longer

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When I began looking at Mykonos villas for rent not that long ago, I had no idea that I was going to end up getting one that has 14 bedrooms. I was looking for one that had at least six bedrooms originally, but the more people who heard I was planning this trip, the more who wanted to join in. I was actually very thrilled when my sisters, friends and a cousin asked to tag along. We have always had fun together, and all of us knew one another so I knew that a trip like this would be a blast with all of us.

The final count was over 30 of us, but we only needed 14 bedrooms because the kids were all going to room with each other in some of the larger bedrooms. The villa we ended up getting was more like a small hotel than an intimate villa, but it worked for us. There were four infinity pools, and each one had the most amazing view. There were also plenty of places to eat, from the large dining room, the outdoor patio, and the outdoor BBQ areas.

There were four different villas on this property, all within a stone’s throw of each other. It was very easy to pick out the rooms we wanted, and then the fun was able to get started. I am a photographer, so seeing some of these gorgeous views was amazing, and I got some of the best pictures of my career here. We were able to go on a tour of the area, swim in the ocean as well as the pools, eat at some fabulous restaurants and shop at exquisite stores. The only problem with this entire getaway is that it only lasted for ten days. We could have easily stayed there much longer!