The Benefits of Nu Flow Trenchless Pipe Restoration

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As you probably know, sewer lines do not last forever. Several different factors can cause damage and continual degradation. Sewer lines made of clay, cast iron, and galvanized steel are known to corrode and develop cracks over time. When tree roots grow through these cracks, buildups are the most likely outcome. In the past, this plumbing nightmare’s only solution was to replace the damaged pipe with a new one, a time-consuming process that involves excavation.

Thanks to advanced trenchless technologies such as Nu Flow pipe restoration, the age of destructive drain pipe repairs is over. Today, re-lining complete drainage systems or spot-repairing isolated leaks doesn’t involve any excavation. In addition to being time-efficient, cost-effective, and eco-friendly, this non-invasive method of repair serves to preserve structural integrity. To help you make an informed final decision and choose the most suitable San Antonio drain line repair technique for your home, here are the other benefits of a trenchless sewer line repair:

Prevents leaks and root intrusion
Sewer lines that have cracks or separations will allow water to seep into underground structures and landscapes. Aside from hurting your home’s structural integrity and drainage system, this type of uncontrolled seepage often results in sinkholes. Fortunately, trenchless sewer line repairs provide an effective solution. By molding to an existing drain pipe’s diameter, Nu Flow creates a seamless pipe that effectively seals all the gaps from within. As a result, you won’t experience leaks or root intrusion problems in future.

Increased flow
The blockage of a sewer line from regular use will often lead to reduced water flow. For starters, cured-in-place structural epoxy soaked sleeves are smoother than clay, cast iron, and concrete pipes. Secondly, calcification deposits won’t stick to a pipe’s epoxy-lined surface. Because these two characteristics reduce the likelihood of blockage, you will benefit from unimpeded and increased flow even with regular use.

No destruction or invasive excavation
Thanks to Nu Flow, lateral rehabilitation methods can be launched through cleanouts. With a trenchless sewer line repair, you won’t have to replace your landscape, repair your foundation, driveway and interior walls, or haggle with your contractor over damage repairs. Aside from eliminating the extensive excavations, piles of dirt, and costly destruction associated with traditional drain pipe repairs, above ground installations take much less time to complete.

Offers a higher, if not the same, level of structural strength as a new pipe
Apart from not being invasive or disruptive, Nu Flow is probably the most viable trenchless sewer line repair and renewal solution available. By enhancing the structural strength of a host pipe, Nu Flow trenchless pipe restoration results in a life expectancy of more than 50 years. Finished products can withstand corrosion, extreme weather and the test of time, meaning you won’t have to excavate ever again. Additionally, resin formulas can be customized to meet your unique requirements.

Viable alternative
Traditional underground sewer line replacement techniques often involve the removal of flooring, sidewalks, slab foundations, driveways, landscapes, or interior walls. But you’ll face the same issues as soon as the tree roots grow back, meaning you’ll have to repeat the entire process. Also, calcification and corrosion can cause leaks. As such, a Nu Flow trenchless pipe restoration is a viable alternative to sewer drain replacement.