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The Modern Diamond Jewelry Fashion Trend

There really is a fat to the old saying ” diamond is a girl’s best friends ” no matter which perspective you are going to look at it. To any woman, diamond is a precious stone that has a knee-weakening effect on them. That I am on that is perfectly and clearly that such as the products of Mervis Diamonds will surely give your woman a speechless impression.

A diamond is a precious stone like no other and whatever type of occasion it may be, whether it is a festival or a birthday celebration, more particularly rewarding or an anniversary, giving your woman want as a gift will surely be the perfect gift to give. Diamond jewelries, with its exquisite and elegant look, is surely going to impress and fascinate her. The days where women are fascinated with gold jewelries have already been long gone. When compared to a diamond gold is nothing but a regular piece of yellow metal. The most sought after jewelry of today is diamond, and it has already surpassed the former glory of gold.

Although we consider the 4C (color, cut, clarity, and carat weight) to be used as an overall measurement of its value, the overall beauty of the jewelry piece is still the only basis of judging a diamond jewelry. There are three qualities that an exquisite diamond jewelry must possess and these are Life, Brilliance and Fire. Fire quality is when a diamond creates a rainbow effect visually as the light that struck it is being dispersed. Life is described as the way a diamond scintillates and gives a sparkling look as you take a closer look to it.
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Brilliance can be observed on the other hand by the amount of brightness a diamond gives as it reflects a white light while it stays still. Being a loose diamond, the ice diamonds are considered inferior in quality when compared to fire diamonds. They also come in a much cheaper price because they do not have the “fire” quality in them, but they have an ice effect instead.
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A diamond ring is the most popular type of accessory when it comes to the Indian market segment. A diamond ring is considered to have the highest emotional value as it is considered as a sign of commitment on most occasions where it is given as a gift such as a wedding or an engagement. Every woman’s vanity boxes should include a diamond ring as very essential element of the collection. Diamond accessories and jewelry now comes in a variety of designs and cuts that are specifically made by reputed jewelers such as Mervis diamonds so that a woman may have a variety of designs to choose from when it comes to her favorite stone.