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What are Criminal Lawyers?

There are several branches of law in the world. The areas of specialization include: Criminal law, Family law, and Civil rights law among others. Branches of law in the world are not different from one country to another. The reason for this uniformity is that there is a similar curriculum for teaching law in all countries in the world. Most offenses that are committed in the world are usually related to crime. It therefore implies that criminal lawyers would automatically be many the world over.

Criminal defense attorneys usually handle all aspect of a criminal case. First of all, the attorney deals with the aspect of arrest. Steps to be followed in arresting any suspect are usually clearly outlined in many jurisdictions in the world. A criminal lawyer can therefore institute legal charges against the state in case such procedures are not followed in arresting his/her client. Investigations form the second part that a criminal defense attorney focuses on. As much as the state carries out independent investigations into a crime, a defense attorney also carries out investigations on behalf of the client.

The third point of focus for a defense attorney is in criminal charges and sentencing. At this point, the defense attorney appears for the client in the court room. It is then the role of the attorney to argue out a correlation of findings into investigations and innocence of the client. The main aim of the barrister at this point is to prove that the prosecutor’s case is weak and should be terminated. In a situation where the client is found guilty of the offense and wishes to appeal the verdict, it is the attorney who files the case on behalf of the client.
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There are two groups of defense attorneys. First group consists of private attorneys who represent any clients that seek their services. State defense attorneys also known as public defenders fall into the second category. They appear for clients on behalf of the government.
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Most of the criminal matters handled by defense attorneys in the U.S.A are related to road crimes. Issues like Driving under Influence (D.U.I) that relate to drunk driving are common in criminal law. As much as regulations on road usage are in existence, it poses a great challenge to prove that one has flaunted them in a court of law.

Criminal defense lawyers are trained in a similar manner as other lawyers. The study requires one to attend a university and undertake a degree in law. As stated earlier, one can enroll in any recognized university in the world since the academic curriculum happens to be similar in different countries. It is however compulsory to undertake the bar examination in order to be allowed to practice law at the bar.