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3 Simple Tips on Finding the Right Window Treatments

Windows make it possible for homeowners to effortlessly add a light, warm feeling into their space. But while allowing that sunlight in might seem appealing, it pays to keep in mind that windows also expose you to prying eyes. So how do you get the best of both worlds? Managing that sunlight without sacrificing your privacy is possible with window treatments. But before you buy anything for your windows, you should take time to consider what you really need to improve your space. Anyone who’s in the market for window treatments should know better than to sacrifice sunlight for privacy or vice versa. Wondering how to make the right choice? Read on to find out.

1. Consider the Thickness – Something that’s ultra sheer will let in lots of light, but might also expose you to those curious eyes outside. Of course, thicker alternatives can give you the privacy that you want, but they’re also likely to keep out any light. When thinking of thickness, it pays to consider the space you’re buying window treatments for. For example, a bathroom with windows that face away from the sun at all times of the day can be very dark if you decide to put thick window treatments, but can also be very prone to peering eyes with sheer ones. In this case, you might want something that blurs out the view but still lets light inside.

2. Think of The Room You’re Treating – Taking a tour of your space, you will come to find that some rooms need more privacy and others need more light. To choose the right window treatments for your space, think of the room you plan on adding them to. A bedroom that’s prone to blaring sunlight early in the morning can be difficult to sleep in, especially if you’re the kind who likes to take their time in bed. A set of black out curtains will make it easy for you to have complete privacy and darkness, ideal for those morning that you want to spend in the comfort of your bed.

3. Keep Aesthetic a Priority – You don’t want to buy window treatments that make your space look like a mess. When choosing your window treatments, keep aesthetic in mind. Look for the right drapes by choosing to search beyond drapes and curtains and exploring the world of window treatments available to you. Different parts of your house will look best if you explore what’s at your disposal, like shutters, blinds, and even stained glass window treatments that add instant art to your space while still letting light in and providing you apt privacy.

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