Safety Starts at Home With a Security Audit

Many homeowners might be shocked at just how easy it is to gain entry to their property without keys or other proper access. Burglars are smarter than most people give them credit for. An experienced burglar can be in and out of a home in ten minutes without ever being detected. Typically, burglars will choose homes without a security system. These homes are most vulnerable and the criminal will know that an audit has not been performed. Calling a local service provider to schedule an audit is one of the smartest moves for security a homeowner could make. Just knowing what security vulnerabilities are present in or around the home could provide valuable insight into how safe a home really is.

There are three parts to a home security audit that homeowners can perform without the help of a professional. Checking the outside of the home for debris or other items that could be used to hide behind will help prevent lurkers that might surprise family members as they make their way home. Shrubbery and trees can also be used for hiding and should be trimmed back to provide a clear view behind them. The backyard should be well lit, preferably with motion sensing lights. The inside of the home can be checked by assuring that all windows and doors have working locks that provide adequate protection against unauthorized entry. The third and final part of the check is to be sure that alarms for carbon dioxide and fire are installed and working properly.

By calling a local service provider, homeowners can benefit from extensive experience and see things from the perspective of a criminal. Service providers are trained to see things that only a burglar would see. This allows them to spot security weaknesses and help homeowners install the necessary hardware to prevent unauthorized entry. Trained professionals understand the need for peace of mind and will work hard to create a solution that helps the homeowner sleep easy. With just a single phone call, homeowners can get the help they need to be sure their home is safe and secure and each family member will be safer.