Pond Fountains and Water Circulation Systems

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Almost everyone has, at one point, driven or walked by a lake or pond with a fountain. It’s easy to dismiss these fountains as nothing more than a decoration, but they actually serve a very important purpose for those bodies of water. A fountain does help make small bodies of water look amazing, especially if it includes lights and other decorative features. What they are doing for the local ecosystem is vital. In natural ponds and lakes, the water is filtered through the surrounding soil and natural materials at the bed of the lake. In man-made lakes and ponds, filtration is a serious issue.

Natural lakes and ponds are created over a long period of time due to seepage and water flow in the soil or runoff in the immediate area. The soil is prepared with the addition of fibrous materials and stones in the soil. When soil is excavated to make a lake or pond, the soil most likely won’t contain the natural materials needed to filter the water. This means a fountain or filtration system will be needed if the water is to remain clean and healthy. Water that isn’t filtered properly won’t be able to sustain the local ecosystem.

With the addition of a fountain or filtration system, property owners can aid in cleaning the water in the pond or lake and support the local ecosystem and encourage local flora and fauna development. There are lots of different kinds of fountains and filtration systems to choose from. More decorative fountains can be added to embellish the property. This would be ideal for commercial property such as an upscale apartment complex. Homeowners might consider something a little less opulent and go for a model that site just below the surface of the water.

If a fountain seems like too much, a discrete filtration system can be added along the edge of the pond in a hidden location or housed in a small structure. More information about how to choose the perfect fountain or filtration system can be found at boorooandtiggertoo.com along with helpful hints for gardening and other great outdoor activities.