Long-Lasting Design Ideas For The Kitchen

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From making your kitchen more efficient to creating a kitchen that has a beautiful design, there are a few trends that are timeless and that will always be an option when you’re thinking about remodeling. Before you begin working in the kitchen, contact a kitchen remodeling Fairfax VA company that can come to the home to take measurements, look at what you have to work with and offer ideas about what would look best.

Quartz or granite countertops are a design trend that you’ll want to keep in mind when you’re remodeling your kitchen. The surface is easy to maintain and will often last for a long time. You can get the countertops in numerous colors that blend well with the rest of the kitchen.

An open plan in the kitchen is another idea to keep in mind. It allows for more space between the kitchen and dining room or the living room. This kind of remodeling project might require that you remove a wall or two or a counter, but the end result is usually one that is stunning and that brings everyone in the home together instead of everyone being separated by walls. A similar idea is to install islands and counters that are one level instead of staggered levels in the kitchen. A staggered design can make it difficult to reach items that you need or to prepare meals without reaching over ingredients, utensils, and dishes.

Add details to the ceiling and the walls. You don’t need to keep your kitchen plain and simple. Consider large medallions that you paint and place on the walls or on the ceiling to add texture and design to the kitchen. Hanging lights work well in the kitchen and provide the brightness that you need in the room when you’re preparing meals and enjoying time together with your family and guests. If you don’t like seeing your appliances standing out in the kitchen, hide them inside cabinets and counters. This design trend allows you to focus more on the colors and decorations instead of the function of the room so that you can create a space that is warm and inviting.