Introducing Modern Trends to Your Kitchen

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When designing your kitchen, it’s important to keep both functionality and style in mind. Whilst having a trendy, stylish kitchen is a priority for many homeowners, it’s also essential to have a functional kitchen to ensure you can get the most out of the space you have. Before getting stuck in and investing in lots of new pieces for your kitchen, take a look at these useful pointers on how to introduce modern features to your kitchens current style.

Introduce Black

There’s a current trend that is taking the interior industry by storm and that’s adding black to almost any colour or material. From stylish black and white décor, to bold black furniture and worktops combined with a wooden finish for the cabinets, it’s now a very popular choice to add black to your interiors. Not only does black create a sleek, chic ambiance, it is also a very useful colour to use within the kitchen due to the fact that it doesn’t show dirt or marks as easily as lighter colours would do.

Bookcase Space

Many people rely heavily on their trusty Delia Smith cookbooks and Jamie Oliver 15 Minute Meal plans, so dedicating a space solely for storing these key pieces is really beneficial. Whether your kitchen is large enough for a stylish bookcase, or you decide to nominate one of your cupboards and store them neatly behind your kitchen cupboard doors, having your favourite cookbooks close to hand is going to help you as well as add character to your kitchen.

Less is More

Minimalistic décor is very popular within kitchen design at the moment, with many homes cutting back to the bare minimum leaving a stylish, streamlined design. Dependant on the size of your kitchen, you often find that it’s really easy to keep a minimalist look throughout your interiors and have a trendy kitchen layout. If you have lots of useful appliances and are struggling to keep the surfaces of your kitchen clear, try storing them in your kitchen cupboards to keep the visible areas clear and neat.

Scandinavian Style

It’s known as one of the trendiest regions in the world, and it appears in many interiors today. Scandinavian interior design is based around neutral colour schemes, natural materials, bright lighting and geometric patterns. This type of décor is perfect for any room, but introducing it to the kitchen is always going to create a beautiful, bold design that stands out. If you’re not sure how a full Scandinavian styled kitchen will look, why not look at introducing smaller décor pieces that will enhance the room and add a taste of Scandinavian into the room, giving you a clear idea of how the décor style would work in other places too.

Burst of Colour

Introducing colour to your interiors can seem like a slight challenge when you want to keep your décor modern and stylish. Many people avoid introducing colour due to not knowing what balance will work for their interiors. One of the best ways to introduce a pop of colour to your interiors is through details. Whether you choose to add a brightly coloured back splash, or you opt for brightly coloured seating and kitchen appliances, you can incorporate colour into the décor in a stylish way, without creating a space that looks messy and unfinished.