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Tips on Becoming an Interior Designer The job of an interior designer entails many roles. Not all can be interior designers. Are you known to have taste for great interior design? Are you fond of decorating rooms and moving furniture all over the place? If you do love decorating rooms and rearranging furniture, then being an interior designer might be the right career for you to take on. Before you plunge in and take a career shift, you must know things about the interior design industry.
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There are day to day trials that people in the interior design industry face. The profession may be exciting at times but it also has it’s fall back. Decorators are not automatically designers. What is the difference between the two? Education differs them.
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An interior decorator can just be anyone. As long as you know how to mix colors on textiles and fabric, you can be an interior decorator. They can promote themselves by handing out materials to people telling that they are interior decorators. There’s no harm in doing so but education is significant. To be an interior designer, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in interior design. Would you want to get a degree first before you work in the decorating industry? Interior designers have a knack for design. There is more to designing when one decides to become and interior designer. Praise for a decorating job is good but is does not mean that a person will make a good interior designer. Fun and fabric is not all it takes to be an interior designer. Although color, textile, furniture are largely considered in interior design, there are other work that are required and may not be fun at all. Technical things about history, building structures, space, psychology and software are only few of those that an interior designer must consider in the performance of his or her job. Income earned from doing interior design jobs are not that high. Choose a good location or a good company to be paid well in your job as an interior designer. Big companies give big salaries to interior designers. Salary negotiations will be easier when you have made your mark in the interior design industry over the years. Those with bachelor’s degree are more likely to be successful. A good interior designer is a people person. Interior designers have endured the good and the bad experiences with their customers. Customers require a lot of care and attention most importantly when their homes are at stake. Clients may be easy to deal with but there are clients who are really a pain when it comes to getting what they really want done to their houses. Interior designers must be able to understand where his clients are coming from. Interior designers must master the art of persuasion.