House (TV Series)

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House was among the high 10 sequence within the United States from its second by means of fourth seasons Distributed to 66 international locations, House was probably the most-watched tv program on the planet in 2008. Symphony—which first made headlines by allegedly unveiling Netflix’s viewership numbers earlier this 12 months —just lately released information that signifies Netflix’s Full House sequel drew a staggering 14.4 million viewers between the ages of 18 and 49 inside 35 days of its February 26 premiere tv show

To begin, Netflix’s release mannequin bears little resemblance to that of a network like AMC, making these types of ratings comparisons unfair; whereas each episode of Fuller House and Making a Murderer hit screens on the same day, the latest seasons of reveals reminiscent of The Walking Dead aired over the course of a number of months.

That’s a large quantity, one that translates to a ten.four score—which, as IndieWire factors out , would make Fuller House an excellent bigger hit than The Walking Dead, 2015 through 2016’s most watched sequence among the 18-to-49 tv show

Other household friendly traditional television shows of the 1970’s embrace The Partridge Family (with teen fireplace throb David Cassidy), the present that introduced us to John Travolta, Welcome Back Kotter, One Day at a Time, Chico and the Man, The Odd Couple, Good Times, WKRP in Cincinnati, What’s Happening, Three’s Company and The tv show

Perhaps even more shocking: in keeping with Symphony, the second-greatest-rated sequence on Netflix last season wasn’t House of Cards or Daredevil—it was December’s Making a Murderer, which allegedly bought thirteen.four million viewers aged 18 to 49 in its first 35 days of streaming.