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What is The Part Of a Therapist in Marriage Counseling?

Marriage is a legal union of a couple, where they promise to stay together and love each other forever. The two must face all the challenges that they will experience together and they should build a new life together. Once you get married you are already part of a partnership.

But, when you become too caught up in the thought that it is you and your partner against the world, it could be hard for both of you to admit and ask for help from another person when your relationship needs help. Many couples believe that they should both be able to fix and solve any problems in their relationship by themselves. There are marital problems that would be hard to fix. This is where a marriage therapist comes in and helps you solve your marital problems.

Below is the responsibilities of a marriage therapist:
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A. Provide an objective view
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The marriage therapist will give an objective on the situation of your marriage. You will know if the marriage therapist is professional when he or she does not pick any side. The therapist should be able to give a neutral advice to both partners.

B. Guide the conversation

There are times when one of the spouse would talked about their feelings, the other one would not understand and this would lead to a fight. The role of the marriage counselor is to make sure that both partners will be able to talk and express their feelings and to also make sure that both of them are still talking about the topic. There are instances where only one spouse is more talkative and it could make the argument one-sided. The therapist will make sure that the couple will not make any tone and become so negative.

C. Looking for patterns

When you are done talking about your marriage, the therapist will then help in making patterns on your marriage. The therapist can pinpoint your characteristics and actions that are causing the problems of your relationship. Most of the time people do not know that their actions are causing problems. That is why it would be best to go counseling, since it could show you the wrong things that you are doing so you could make some changes.

D. Bottom line

Marriage counseling is not about fixing the wrong things that your spouse is doing. Marriage counseling is about looking at your own attitude that are causing problems in your marriage and knowing where you can make changes in order for your marriage to work. Marriage counseling is also about looking at the good and strong things in your marriage. The therapist will provide guide to the couple so they could mend their marriage.