Domestic helpers have become an inevitable

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need for middle to upper-class people, especially those living in big cities, especially if the daily hostess works or has routine activities outside the home. The existence of this “assistant” is becoming more and more important if there is a child in need for care while both parents are not at home. Let alone the maid stopped working, just left behind alone could make family members fog. Daily routines are disrupted, many unaddressed jobs, sometimes even looking for daily necessities cannot be found, because the “assistants” know better where it is located. For more info, you can visit

Ironically, although the existence of domestic workers is very necessary for fact workers in the domestic sector is very minimal protection. There is not even a single law that regulates the treatment of these domestic workers. The wage is clearly still far below the MSEs, which for cities around the World alone now has reached 1.5 million. UMK is set for wages of laborers who work 40 hours a week, averaging 8 hours per day. Beyond that, they are entitled to overtime wages calculated 1/173 of the UMK multiplied by the number of overtime hours, which at 2 o’clock onwards multiplied by 2x. Not to mention if you have to work overtime on official government holidays or national holidays, then the count can be 3x house cleaning service

Viewed from this side, of course, the actual service users of domestic workers should have been very grateful that in our country there is no obligation to pay the salaries of domestic workers in a certain amount.