Different uses of Skip Hire

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Being environmentally conscious in the construction industry is and has been a factor that has gained momentum over the last decade and a half considering the negative impacts of poor waste disposal that have been witnessed. Consequently, this has led to the increased use of skips in replacement of bins in construction sites. Skips offer low-cost as well as convenient waste disposal solutions for house renovation for homeowners or property owners and construction projects. They are stronger, bigger and offer more waste disposal options due to their varied uses. Skips come in different sizes at different sizes and consequently, this determines how one can use them in different avenues.

Mini Skips
Mini skips are the smallest sized skips as the name suggests. Their main purposes are domestic considering their storage capacities; nonetheless, commercial consumers are known to use them for renovation purposes. The mini skips are popular primarily because they come in 2 as well as 3-yeard capacities.
Midi Skips
Midi skips are regarded as standardly sized skips that are neither too small or too large. Midi skips are popular in commercial sites unlike households considering they have a larger storage capacity. They are popular in driveway repairs considering their 4 and 5-yard footprint meaning they cover small spaces while taking up considerable waste without requiring a permit.
Builder’s skips
Builder’s Skips are the most popular on construction sites. They are much larger than midi skips as they have 6 to 8-yard footprints; consequently, larger capacities. Subsequently, they hold more waste. Nonetheless, due to their size, they require a permit.
Large Skips
These are known as Maxi or in some cases, Roll-on Roll-off skips that hold 18 to 40-yard capacity footprints. They are predominantly used in commercial and residential project sites that produce massive amounts of wastes.
As earlier stated the different sizes are employed to fulfill varied waste disposal obligations such as;
Home Renovations. When you are working on any house renovations, it is more than likely that there will be significant waste that may be too much for your garbage collection service to deal with. Be it changing the carpets or installing new kitchen panels, skips offer a safe as well as affordable means to store any waste as the renovation process is ongoing. Builder, mini and midi skips are common on construction sites.

Garden Clearances. Organic or green waste can be bulky and consequently difficult to dispose of. For instance, winter pruning produces a significant amount waste that has seen the popular use of skips during this time. Additionally, most UK homes are known to change their furniture during the winter in preparation for the rest of the year; subsequently, in these cases, midi and builder skips provide the best waste disposal solutions.
Driveway Reconstruction. The job of replacing a driveway can be cluttered every so often involving the removal of the existing driveway; consequently, producing massive amounts of waste materials. Midi and Builders skips are best employed in such cases. Additionally, skips provide an avenue to store waste to the point of recycling, subsequently, minimizing the negative environmental impact caused by construction.
End-of-tenancy Clear-out. Tenants are known to leave behind a considerable amount of waste after tenancy such as paintings, clothes, up to and including furniture. Most of the waste left behind is inorganic and presents a challenge in storage before disposal. Skips offer the best way to keeping all unwanted waste before it is repaired to its best or disposed of.


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