Deciding on a Color Scheme for Your Kitchen

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A kitchen should look good from every angle. One of the best ways to have a kitchen that is pleasing to the eye is with the use of color. As in so many other rooms of the house, care should be taken to make sure that the colors in the kitchen are harmonious and feel right. For many homeowners, this means thought goes into the color of each element in the room including the flooring, window treatments and kitchen cabinets. Each area of the kitchen must work together to help the room come alive and keep it functional. When thinking about kitchen color, think about the colors that add light and help make it easier to do things like cook, teach kids and enjoy an early morning Sunday brunch.

The Flooring

All kitchens start with flooring choices. Each kitchen has specific flooring. Many kitchens have more than one flooring type. For example, there may be tiles right next to the kitchen cabinets and wood flooring in the rest of the space. Each type of flooring may have different colors. Any color scheme should start with the flooring. Dark wood looks elegant and can serve as a backdrop for other, lighter colors. Wood that has been stained a lighter color, in contrast, can help serve add light to a kitchen that may not otherwise get much light. Tiles can also help to add colors. Use patterned tiles for an individual touch of elegance that helps make any kitchen entirely unique.

Window Treatments

Another way of adding color to any room is with the use of window coverings. I loved this window covering when I saw it. Window coverings in strong colors can make the entire room come alive with color. It’s easier than ever to get painted wood shutters that come in many varied colors. You can also paint such shutters to your own personal taste. A set of curtains in a gentle soft color like pale pink also helps unify the kitchen and makes it look upscale and appealing. Window coverings are an ideal way to add pattern. A classic kitchen design can be improved with curtains in a lovely pattern that is full of color. Look for window coverings that fit in with the overall colors you have in mind for the entire space.

A More Functional Space

Color also helps any kitchen achieve the aim of being more functional. A more functional kitchen is one that looks good and makes it easier to find things. When each area of the space is well defined, the cook knows exactly where to look for the things they need as they cook. A kitchen that is clearly defined by color can stand out from the rest of the house and help turn it into an oasis devoted to the preparation of good meals and entertaining happy family and friends. Think about the colors you like beset and you’ll have a kitchen that works from every angle.