Benefits of planting trees

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If you are asked to place a price tag on each tree in your yard, do you think you can manage? For those who use trees to make products for sale most certainly can do.

However, I don’t think it is possible to place a price tag on a tree that is healthy and still growing and even if you do, they will be expensive. This simply means that trees are usually priceless and therefore must be having a lot of benefits.

Everybody can usually benefit from them from us humans to wild animals and birds. It is for this reason that I have tried to come up with some benefits provided by trees. See some more benefits here.

  1. Clean air

Some research has shown that growing tree in the urban areas helps in saving at least one life in each city per year. This is the average number.


People living in places with less number of trees or even places that has no trees at all has high risks of suffering from both heart and respiratory diseases.


We both know how dangerous and complicated things can become when you are a victim.


It can be clearly seen now how trees are important to us as they are able to provide us with oxygen hence being termed as the lungs of the planet.


  1. Job creations

From the U.S Forest Service, in 2012 almost $11B was the total amount of money earned from the national forest as a matter of recreation visitors spending time in them.


From that economic activity alone, around 190,000 both part time and full time jobs are sustained. If this is only in the U.S, calculate the number of jobs that can be provided around the world.


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  1. Clean water

Did you know that forests are also capable of providing us with clean water? Yes of course. They help in providing natural filtration and a storage system.


In the U.S, this caters for at least two thirds of the total water supply. If you go to a restaurant and ask for a glass of water, you should be aware that the forests around played a large role in the filtration of that water.


As you can see, the forests usually do the bigger part of the work hence the city will only be tasked with doing a small job just for some additional filtering.


  1. Carbon Sequestration

When the fossil fuels are burnt, carbon dioxide gas is always produced to the atmosphere trapping much heat and therefore can cause climate change, as our sources at Evanston IL were so kind to point out.


This impacts the climate of a place negatively. Well, thanks to trees as they can help in reducing or slowing down the process. It is said that a tree has the ability to absorb about 48 pounds of the harmful carbon dioxide gas in the atmosphere each year.


They can also sequester like a ton of this gas by the time the tree reaches about 40 years. If this is only for one tree, imagine what a forest can do.


  1. Increasing the property value

I don’t think I should say much on this as it seems pretty obvious. However, as obvious as it seem to be, it is surprising that most people have no idea that growing trees can help in improving the value of your property.


Most people would often like to buy and live in places with trees all around. Businesses too can be set in locations with trees around.


When it comes to the property value improvement, trees are said to have the ability to increase the value of your property by around 7% – 25%.


A good environment is always good for business and setting up one in a place surrounded by green landscape may just be your advantage over your competitors.


  1. Flood control

Trees also can help in controlling floods due to its ability to hold much amount of water. It is better than leaving the water to flow down the hill and cause floods in towns and other areas.


This makes the trees to become much more important when it comes to storm water management for most cities.


Basically, life without trees is never that easy. As you have seen, one can suffer a lot of complications when you live in areas where there are no trees.

Even the government from most countries usually call upon its citizens to plant trees as much as they can since they know the value of trees.